• 02/05/2023

New Hope for Anal Fistula Treatment with Laser Technology

أمل جديد لعلاج الناسور الشرجي بالليزر

New Hope for Anal Fistula Treatment with Laser Technology

Anal Fistula is one of the painful and annoying health problems that patients suffer from, so the Saudi German Hospital is interested in providing laser treatment service by the most skilled general surgery doctors to alleviate the suffering of patients.

Therefore, we will discuss the transformation of a story of a patient suffering not only from anal fistula but also from fecal incontinence; into another success story for the Saudi German Hospital, Jeddah Branch, and Dr. Islam Khaled, Head of the General Surgery Department, using modern laser technology.

An anal fistula is an abscess formed between the inner and outer part of the anal area, which results in severe pain when sitting or when defecating, an opening in the surrounding skin around the anus, high body temperature, excretion of pus, stool, or blood, out of the site of injury, and fecal incontinence as well.

Therefore, rapid intervention with laser technology was necessary, as the usual surgical intervention may expose the patient to some other complications that may increase the patient's suffering, such as bleeding, loss of control over bowel movement, and going through the procedure under general anesthesia, in addition to the patient's need for an extended recovery period.

After the examination, diagnosis, and evaluation of the patient's condition, Dr. Islam Khaled, Head of the General Surgery Department at the Saudi German Hospital, performed the Laser treatment of the anal fistula and the fecal incontinence.

As its most important features:

  • Quick recovery.
  • Avoid bleeding.
  • Avoid infection.

Improving the health of patients and providing medical services with international standards is one of the most important goals of the Saudi German Hospital.

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