• 02/05/2023

New success story of Pilonidal Sinus Laser Procedure

استئصال الناسور العصعصي بالمنظار

New success story of Pilonidal Sinus Laser Procedure


The success stories continue of the Pilonidal Sinus Laser Procedure at the Saudi German Hospital, Jeddah Branch, by the Head of the General Surgery Department, Dr. Islam Khaled.


Where The patient suffered from a recurrent Pilonidal Sinus despite continuous attempts at surgical treatment, so the painful and annoying symptoms of the Pilonidal Sinus continued, as bleeding, swelling, redness, and pain near the tailbone, and the presence of discharge and pus accompanied by a foul odour from the affected area.


In addition, suffering from the effects of repeated surgical treatment, which is done through a large surgical wound, which leads to a long recovery period until the wound heals (from 6 to 12 weeks), and therefore the patient may be exposed to complications such as the possibility of bleeding or getting the wound infected.


But after the intervention of Dr. Islam Khaled, Head of the General Surgery Department at the Saudi German Hospital, Jeddah Branch, with Laser Technology to treat the Pilonidal Sinus, the affected tissues were all removed through a small opening of no more than 1 centimetre.

This gave the patient a new opportunity to get rid of the symptoms of pilonidal sinus:

- Without undergoing a painful procedure.

- Using local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia.

- Without the complications of open surgery.

- With a rapid recovery of only 2 to 3 weeks.


We, Saudi German Hospitals, always strive to provide the latest and best medical technologies that help our patients recover quickly and maintain their health and quality of life.

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