• 03/08/2022

Quick reaction saved a life

ردة فعل

Breathing problems are health problems that require rapid intervention to preserve the patient's life and so that the patient does not have any future complications, and for this reason our medical team is working to provide rapid care for such cases, which is what happened with one of the cases that was suffering from a coma due to respiratory failure of the second type. (carbon dioxide) as a result of chronic obstructive sleep apnea. Our team worked intensively, led by Dr. Heba Al-Sayed, a consultant cardiologist, to revive the breathing process for this patient through a number of steps, the beginning of which was by placing the patient on an intrusive respirator, in addition to the constant care to follow up the patient’s condition until her condition stabilized and she was able to get out of the hospital. The hospital, where the medical team saw that the patient could be separated from the devices and the possibility of her returning home with the recommendation to use the BIPAP device to improve breathing during sleep and to ensure that carbon dioxide does not accumulate again, which ensured the success of the medical team in maintaining the stability of the patient’s breathing process more. In addition to continuous follow-up of the case in the clinic for more assurance and care.