• 06/04/2022

Success story | Dr. Haitham


Patient was referred to our hospital after presented to ER department with acute left lower limb pain with coldness and color changes of toes. Clinical and radiological assessment revealed the presence of acute occlusion of the left femoral artery at the mid-thigh level with complete occlusion of all vessels distal to that area. The patient was shifted urgently to the hybrid procedure room where catheter-based angiography was done followed by attempts to cross the occlusive lesions. The lesions were finally crossed followed by balloon dilation of the affected area and insertion of metal nitinol stent TO KEEP THE Artery opened. Distal left lower limb pulses were immediately regained with warm foot and leg with adequate capillary refill and dramatic decline of limb pain. It is the up-to-date technology available at SGH-Dammam branch through a state-of-the-art hybrid procedure room for combined open and catheter-based interventions that allowed dealing with such complicated cases with high rate of procedural success. A lot of limb ischemic cases due to complicated arterial occlusive lesions have been successfully managed by our vascular team in SGH-- Dammam.